2009-10-09 12:59:48 by Trancient

Making some new music... if anyone needs 40s-50s chillaxin saxophone/noir music... let me know.
I'm working on some now, and its coming along great.

What the hell!?

2009-04-02 01:19:51 by Trancient

Ahhhh!!.. I can't watch the video I want.. I get it... it's april fools... woohoo. I want to watch what I want to watch though. At least youtube let you watch upside down.

What gives?

Making Music Again!!

2009-01-25 15:03:07 by Trancient

Hello Newgrounds!

I am finally getting back into the swing of making music! It feels good, and want to put my stuff out there for the Newgrounds world to love or hate.

I might be posting stuff from a while back that I have recently tried to update and make sound better, but who knows.

Please let me know what you think of my songs. Tell me what you like, and what I can change (because I just might). Also let me know what music genre you would like me to put my efforts into.

Aight... thats all for me. Peace and happy listening!